Image: Nicolas Hunziker on YouTube

Automotive artist Nicolas Hunziker paints a new vintage automotive-themed piece to celebrate each new year. It’s a fun and interesting automotive way to ring in the new year and show off his talents at the same time. This time he’s chosen to depict a scene of an Audi Sport Quattro sliding through a wintry rally stage.

It’s already the second, so the newness of the year is wearing off a bit. But you’ll probably be writing 2018 on your checks and signed documents for the next two months or so, right? Some of us have already decided that our resolutions are bullshit and aren’t ever going to stick. Others don’t subscribe to a Julian calendar at all. Either way, we can all enjoy a minute of 80s-inspired rally goodness painted on canvas and set to a highly synthesized backing track.


There aren’t any happy trees in this painting video, but there are some angry Group Bs.

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