Slate Weighs In, Predictably, On Toyota

Slate continues to follow its secret tagline of "Contrarianism is almost as good as actual wisdom," asserting it's "not so bad" for cars to run on software making them out of our control. Fun faux Slate headline guessing game below.

Is there any easier job than writing for Slate? Despite every outlet on Earth following our "Beige Bites Back" charge, blaming loss of driver interaction and knowledge for Toyota's problems, Slate predictably does the opposite. Rather than refute their obvious stories we're going to share ten plausible Slate headlines I created with my friend Dan and let you guess which one's real:

  • Why I'm giving My Son Autism
  • Was Darwin The First Reality TV Star?
  • The Earth Was Created In 1982
  • The Waldo Project; I Find Every Waldo
  • Creed Is Totally Underrated
  • My Life In The Anti-Breakfast Movement
  • Do We Really Need Small Intestines?
  • Jesus Wasn't A Carpenter, But Buddha Was
  • Explainer: Why The Best Laid Plans Of Mice Often Do Go Astray
  • Double X: Maybe That Girl Raped Roman Polanski


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