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Yeah, we may have the death sentence on twelve systems, but according to Slate's Seth Stevenson, if GM continues sucking at the teat of controversial events in American history as a means to sell Silverados, they'll be dead. In some ways, we slightly empathize with GM, as we sort of blew it with a Polish chick in Dublin a few days ago by making fun of the lack of Polska precision in 1939. She still danced with us, but she went home with a Dubliner.

Note to selves: even if it's not the submarines-with-screen-doors joke, and even if it's to a wordly expat who works in the insurance industry, lighthearted jokes about the Second War are still touchy among Poles. Meanwhile, as Stevenson points out, the General's gaffe was writ on a much larger large than our own. And in this situation, the stakes is a wee bit higher than emigre-type makouts with a hot post-communist blonde.

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