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Skoda is bringing a sweet "Xtreme" version of the Yeti SUV to Volkswagen's big gathering in Wörthersee, which harkens to those wild 90's beach car concepts we lusted after on cereal boxes. Don't let your RAV4 hang around it or she'll come home with a Gatorade-green tramp stamp tattoo.

Just study the interior on this thing. Yeah, that's a shovel strapped to the inside of the driver's door. Four beautiful quilted Recaro rally seats, missile switches, a sweet D-shaped steering wheel, and (naturally) an iPad cradle. Why upcharge for in-dash nav when people who want it can just plug in their iPad?


Plus diamond plate floormats? If any OEM was going to have the balls to make 'em, it was going to be Skoda. These guys know what they're doing— you name a car "Yeti Xtreme" and you damn well better strap all the insane shit you can think of to it.

An adorable 1.8 liter TSI engine making 150 horsepower and about 184 lb-ft of torque motivates the Yeti Xtreme through a six-speed dual clutch transmission (DSG). That gives it a 0 to 62 MPH time of 9 seconds and a top speed of about 119 MPH. Ok, so... it's not that "extreme" by sports car standards, but this is a Segment-A SUV we're talking about. And did you see the highlighter-green wheels!?

At least you won't have any trouble reeling all that power back in (you weren't too worried, were you?) as this lil' SUV has beefy brakes from the Octavia RS brakes.


Other accessories include the body kit, a noisy exhaust, fire extinguisher (reassuring), and "recovery tracks" as part of the tool package. Those "tracks" are basically boards you can stick under the wheels in sand, mud, or snow... they come in hella handy off-road and making them standard equipment is actually an awesome idea.


They basically took the idea of the SRT Grand Cherokee, made it more "off-roady," fed it through a Europeanizing machine and miniaturized it. Just another reason we can't get enough of Skoda around here.

Images: Skoda

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