Skoda CitiJet: A Wee Little Czech Speedster That Will Win Your Heart

Today for your moment of squeeeeee we bring you the ultimate in Czech adorableness. The Skoda CitiJet is our favorite Czech automaker's concept for VW's Worthersee festival, and it makes that Seat Cupster look like a pile of puke.


For their first appearance at Worthersee, Skoda handed a Citigo to 16 students in its in-house vocational school and basically said "this car is awesome, but let's make it even awesomer."

They started working on this car last November and just finished with what you see here: A fantastic Czech city car take on a California Speedster. The project was used to foster the creativity and growth of those involved in their vocational program. It's the first time that Skoda has done this, but with a pretty interesting result like this, I doubt it'll be the last time.

Under the hood you have a throbbing 1.0 liter engine cranking out a simply massive 75 horsepower. But who cares about that? This little Skoda won my heart from minute one.


The Skoda will join the Audi S3 Clubsport, Seat Cupster, and more when the festival begins. But we all know what the real star is now, don't we?

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