Skiing behind vintage Porsches is "the world's most dangerous sport"

These days vintage Porsches are high dollar collector items, but in Bavaria in 1955 they were merely tow vehicles for some crazy skiers. This vintage video takes a look at "the world's most dangerous sport" which evidently involved being towed around a track by motorcycles, Volkswagen Bugs, Porsche 356s and even a Porsche 550 Spyder.


We hadn't heard of skijoring or "Motor skiing" as it's referred to in this film until last weekend when we saw it done behind a brand new Bentley Continental GT. Skiing behind an assortment of vintage German cars looks even cooler. Having said that, given the opportunity to try out motor skiing in the style shown in this video, we'd likely just try to get a few laps in on this snowy course behind the wheel of that awesome 550 Spyder.


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