Six wheel electric "super bus" can reach 155 MPH

From a small country comes this large and surprisingly fast six wheeled electric bus. A team led by Wubbo Ockels, a professor of aerospace sustainable engineering and technology from the Netherlands, designed the bus which will be able to reach a top speed of 155 MPH while carrying 23 passengers.


In addition to leading the creation of this bus and having one of the better names we've ever heard, Ockels was the Netherlands' first astronaut. So far the development of this bizarre looking six wheel super bus has cost 13 million Euros. The electric super bus is expected to make its debut in May at a trade show in Dubai.

Hat tip to not_sure!

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Nobody else has said it yet, so I will: stuff like this is pure bullshit. Somebody made this to attract attention, but it's worthless. This is neither an effective look at alternative energy nor a meaningful glimpse at a "new bus." There is literally no situation in which this vehicle would replace a bus in revenue service anywhere, nor could it without serious changes to infrastructure. The roads are inappropriate for it. A supercar height "bus" with no ground clearance would easily become high-centered on even gentle rises in the road. The racecar seats and 4-point harnesses would have literally no acceptance among riders of mass transportation, and are flagrant violations of the laws regarding access for the handicapped that exist in many countries. Electric vehicles work best in stop and go traffic, where stopping regenerates some of the energy of acceleration and where aerodynamic losses are small. At 155, aero losses are very high and the range would be far less than at 115, which would also be far less than at 85. There's nowhere on earth where someone would put a 155 mph rechargeable electric 23 seat "bus" into service, because operation costs would be far too high. Even Dubai.