Sir Paul McCartney Horrified His LS600h Flown To UK, Challenges Lexus To A Joust

Sir Paul McCartney better hope that the carbon emissions you take aren't equal to the emissions you make as his Lexus LS600hL was flown to him by Lexus, as opposed to merely putting it on a boat. According to reports, the Lexus hybrid flagship, which was a gift to singer/vegan activist, made the 7,000-mile trip on a Korean Air flight. This resulted in a carbon footprint of 38,050 kilograms, as opposed to just 397 kilograms if transported by ship. The director of claimed the trip was the equivalent of the car driving around the earth six times. Oops.


To his credit, McCartney apparently wasn't aware that this was how it was going to get there and will be "horrified" as soon as he finds out. Even the company that provided the freight handling of the car was surprised, saying "Everyone was shocked. The carbon footprint was enormous." This goes to show, everything with Paul McCartney is better when Wings aren't involved. (h/t to Jack K)) [Telegraph]

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