Welcome to Jalopnik's Star Car Genius Bar, where we answer celebrity questions about cars because it's obvious they can't do it alone. Our first query? Sir Mix-A-Lot asked us what's the best color for the Shelby SSC Ultimate Aero II.

It's clear that most celebrities don't get cars. So let's help them out with our latest irregular feature — Jalopnik's Star Car Genius Bar — where we answer celebrity questions about cars — whether or not they've asked us.

First up is rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot — who both knows and appreciates a good car but has actually also asked us a question: What's the best color for the Shelby SSC Ultimate Aero II.

Not that long ago, supercars came in a limited set of colors; owners were free to go wild, but respectable shades almost aligned to a code by country. Since then, fashion and more advanced painting techniques have created retina-damaging color mixes, or let buyers abandon color (and often taste) altogether for matte, carbon fiber and chrome.


What supercars need aren't more shades of kitty-magnet yellows and pea-puke green. What they need are liveries, a whole scheme that points to their history. Never mind that the Ford GT wasn't built for racing; it never looks better than when it wears Gulf Oil colors. As an honest, built-from-scratch American supercar aiming to dethrone the Bugatti Veyron as world's fastest production vehicle, Shelby could do worse than paying homage to another American classic, the tri-colors that Mark Donahue made famous in the 1971 AMX Javelin. So here's our answer, Chief Booty Knocka:


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