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Weight is the enemy of speed in a car, but if you’ve chucked out the heavy stock stereo system to go racing, you may be out of luck when you’re bored. Fortunately, rally co-driver and friend of Jalopnik Steven Harrell has in-car entertainment covered whenever he’s not barking out directions.

During parts of this year’s Rally Colorado where there were no stage notes, Harrell kept driver Rory Gardiner amused with bits of Gorillaz songs. First, “Clint Eastwood” graced the interior of the duo’s Subaru Impreza RS during shakedown.

A chunk of “Feel Good Inc.” also made an improvised celebratory appearance after the two finished the rally and didn’t fall off a mountain. I think I might actually prefer the co-driver version of the lyrics better.


This was the first rally Gardiner and Harrell completed since 2013, so needless to say, it was a solid reason to dance.

[Correction: While the first video has exterior footage from Stage 2, Shakedown happened elsewhere.]

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