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Sinclair C5 Trike Jet Engine Swap

Illustration for article titled Sinclair C5 Trike Jet Engine Swap

Clive Sinclair is largely famous for a line of groundbreaking and affordable personal computers packing as much as 48K of code crunching RAM. Sinclair also attempted to segue his success in computers into a personal transportation device known as the C5. Sales tanked, as the trike had about as much horsepower as a Timex-Sinclair. The crew over at have remedied this lack of boost by installing a jet engine in place of the anemic 12-volt pedal-electric hybrid powerplant.


[Thanks to Retro Thing for the tip]

Jet Powered Sinclair C5 Still Can't Outrun a Reliant Robin []; Buildup Details; VIDEOS! []


Twenty Years of the Sinclair C5 Electric Car [Internal]

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Basic? what a hobo, I started coding in Qbasic.

also, this is not a smart idea. i can just envision the high speed oscillation starting up in that front wheel and flipping the driver over the front, the still burning jet engine landing on top of him and burning his crushed body into a crispy corpse.