Since You've Been Extra Good This Week: Pakistani Dekotora

You know a meme has reached its defining moment when it transcends itself. Like a jukebox hero with stars in his eyes, these Pakistani Dekotora have reached for the mic of fate and while displaying mastery of the material, achieved their own awesome spin. These trucks are a result of nearly the same phenomenon which spawned the Japanese Dekotora: single guys, driving trucks, with nothing else to spend their money on.

Using all manner of detritus from paint to reflectors, sheets of steel, rugs, and forsaken bedazzlers, the trucks are fully decked out for all to see. There are even truck competitions, sponsored by fuel companies, in which owners can win free fuel. Because of the truck market in Pakistan, the vehicle of choice is usually an old Bedford or GMC, outfitted with a high cargo hold to maximize capacity. It also provides a supersized canvas to get crazy on. There's a pretty good write-up about the customs and traditions surrounding the style here, and as you can see, we dug our teeth into this one and went a little nutty with the gallery. We just can't get enough of that Hindu-Kush goodness.


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