Simca P60 Aronde Cotomer Sevis

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We're beginning to wonder if this blogging may be the wrong business to be in. Like, maybe there's better money in fielding weird requests from the worlds automotive eccentrics. Alan Berj writes to us with a request. It seems he's the owner of a 1959 Simca P60 Aronde and he's getting nervous about a long interval between shop visits. We would be worried too, shop time with a French car should be as regular as a well fed goose. In that spirit, Alan is asking us to put him into contact with the Simca factory, just in case he should be needing parts soon. As opposed to our usual response of sarcasm and vitriole, this time we were actually intrigued enough to try and help, mostly because Simca has been out of the auto business since 1979. So Alan, below you will find a copy of your email, along with some useful Simca contact information.

Sir/Madam, First i would like to introduce myself i am Alan Berj xxxxx , i own a Simca Aronde Mo: 1959 and its been a long while that it was in the garage , so i wanted to know Simca's factory in case i need spare parts. thanks for the co-operation Please mention in the mail subject ( Simca Aronde ) Best Regards, Alan

Parts sourcing

-The Simca Shop - Netherlands
-H.D. Rogers & Sons

People with contacts

-Club Simca France [French]
- President of Club Simca France's contact info
-Simca Car Club of America


So there you go Alan, Jalopnik cotomer sevis at it's best. It's not the Simca Factory, but don't say we never did anything for you.