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A group of dot-com cowboys of the modern day are planning to stand the electric-car industry on its dainty, little ear. Actually, the group is covering similar ground as the Venturi F tish, Mullen GT and Wrightspeed EV โ€” all big-bucks, performance-oriented EVs. They're building a new, high-tech โ€” and high-end โ€” electric-powered roadster, the Tesla, which they claim will be a "driver's car" that will handle like a Porsche and go from zero-to-60 in four seconds. Members of the Silicon Valley start-up, having recently secured $40 million in venture investing, say the the Tesla will be Cumin' Atcha Live on July 12 in Santa Monica, California. Our apologies to Little Suzi. [Thanks to Chris for the tip.]

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Tesla Motors

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