This will probably get us fired, but so be it. We're more excited about dental floss than we are diesels. Seriously, just... no! We don't want one. We don't tow anything, we like high-reving mills and we just don't care that much about gas mileage. Before you start in, we don't hate the planet โ€” it's just that shifting at 6,000rpm is our one vice (or is that one of our vices?). We are more than aware that lots of you, who do not exist in the form of us, spend part of your waking life pining for European-style oil burners (or, if you live in Europe, uh, lower taxes) like the first MINI Diesel One D launched in "Old Europe" three years back. But we would like to point out the antidote. Yup, the new MINI One D that takes 11 seconds to hit 60mph. But don't totally give up your dreams, the high-performance MINI Cooper D variant gets there in 10-(snore)-flat. The good news for us is that these diesel MINIs have about as much of a chance as coming stateside as Tupac does staying dead.

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