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Sierrachero's Daddy: Cortinachero!

Illustration for article titled Sierracheros Daddy: Cortinachero!

While Ford killed the Cortina when Lutz's Sierra was introduced in 1983, one facet of the storied marque soldiered on in South Africa (and was imported to Europe as both a Cortina and a Taunus): yes, the OG P100. Built from a lengthened Cortina chassis, the rustic-stage P100 was the final standing model of a line that had served Britain proudly for decades and is the only car besides a Cadillac that we can currently think of that ended up in a Clash song. We're totally starting a band just so we can cover "Janie Jones" and sing, "His P100 just won't run without fuel/Fill 'er up, Jacko!"


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