Show Us Your Favorite Overpasses

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Every nation is proud of its highway network, whether it is called Autobahn, freeway, interstate or autópálya. They are not easy to build. Lack of space or difficult geographycal conditons ask for creative (and expensive) solutions, including blowing up half a mountain, digging a tunnel or pulling down a whole neighbourhood.

The challening construction is usually necessary as they typically provide a compact and practical alternative to many other types of constructions. But which overpasses would you give a thumbs up for?

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Máté Petrány

High Five Interchange, Dallas

Located at the junction of the Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway (Interstate 635, I-635) and the Central Expressway (US Highway 75, US 75), the High Five replaced the old partial cloverleaf interchange which was built there in the sixties. Construction started in 2002 and was finished three years later. It includes 37 bridges spread across five levels with 710 support tiers, while its highest ramps are 120 feet above ground. That is how $261 million worth of concrete and tarmac looks like. And what a fantastic name!