Nothing gets the blood boiling like rally racing! It's a sport that requires absolute physical and mental concentration from both the driver and the co-driver. When they bring cameras along to film the action, we as fans are treated to incredible displays of skill — and rage, from time to time.

Today, I'd like you to show us your favorite in-car rally videos. This one is my favorite. It's footage of a rally from Ireland in 2009 where the driver of a Vauxhall Nova gets blocked by a Subaru Impreza, causing the co-driver to absolutely lose his shit. They even give the Subie a nice little love tap towards the end.


If you enjoy racing and Irish people screaming "MOVE YA COONT" at the tops of their lungs, then this is the video for you. I can't blame them, I'd be super pissed off too.

Your turn. Show us the best in-car rally videos out there!

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