Photo credit Alex Hevesy

Just about everything Chrysler made from the late β€˜70s to the mid β€˜90s was based on the front-drive K-platform. The platform was used on sedans, wagons, coupes, vans, convertibles, trucks, and hatchbacks.

That’s why I love the platform so much. It was versatile, and saved Chrysler from the financial doom-state it was in because it was so cheap to make. Minivan? K-car. Convertible coupe? K-car. Sedan? K-car! Sporty turbo coupe? K-car all day, baby.

It was magical.

I also may be a bit biased because my first car was a 1985 Chrysler LeBaron Turbo convertible. There she is, up top.


Chrysler, Plymouth, and Dodge made seemingly endless variations of K-cars in the 1980s and some were actually pretty great. So what K-car do think was the best? Show us in the comments.