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Show Us America’s Prettiest Roads for Nino Karotta’s Next Road Movie

Illustration for article titled Show Us America’s Prettiest Roads for Nino Karotta’s Next Road Movie

A year after driving a Scion FR-S across Europe from Barcelona to Budapest, the Hungarian Wolverine crack team is heading to the US to drive from San Francisco to Miami and film it. They don’t know America’s roads so how about we show them?


Here’s the deal: Nino Karotta and cameraman-editor György Szeljak will fly to SF in late March, buy a car, drive it across the Southern United States to Miami, and fly back home. They will have eight days to spend on the road. If their FR-S film is anything to go by, it’s going to look beautiful but we can help them make it even more beautiful by showing them America’s scenic roads.

They plan on hitting LA, the Grand Canyon and New Orleans but that’s about it for a detailed itinerary. So if you know a road along the way that’s not an impossible detour, show us! Post a photo, post a map link, tell us why it’s worth driving along.


We’ll post their film when it’s done.

Photo by Phillip Capper + OMG Visuals and Frank Brueck

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Brian, The Life of

PCH has some of the most scenic highway vistas in the country. They gotta hit this one.