Show Me The Best $600 Car You Can Find

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Assuming you aren’t, like a lot of people, going to have to plow your $600 pittance into rent, food, credit card payments, etc. in hopes of staving off a life-shattering eviction, starvation or medical emergency — so, assuming you’re lucky enough to be in a somewhat stable position when accepting what is really, let’s face it, a slap in the face from the federal government — I suppose you might consider looking at Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace for a $600 car.

Just as a quick aside: You know people in other countries (where elected leaders would be afraid to openly direct literally unimaginable amounts of money directly to their friends) got monthly payments so they could stay home, right? You know people didn’t lose healthcare? Small businesses weren’t taken away by the state? You know there are places where people aren’t so fleeced and cowed that they’ll watch 350,000 people die and watch the economy sputter without ever considering holding anyone accountable?

Haha, anyway, looks like some people will be getting $600 and some of those people, like I said, will be able to spend it on something frivolous like car parts or an absolutely hateful shitbox. That’s good!


I’ve owned a number of sub-$1,000 cars, each with its own charms and idiosyncrasies. But a quick search of my local CL suggests that the cheapest of cheap cars are harder to come by than they were in the good old days. Here’s a nice-looking Civic, I guess. And a W123 with a bad transmission.

Another aside: What do people hope to accomplish by listing their new cars for $1? Do they think that people who are trawling the murkiest depths of Craigslist are going to be tricked into buying their $15,000 car somehow?


Anyway, maybe things are better where you are. Let’s see what you can dig up. Can you find an interesting car for $600?