Show Bell Helmets How You Race For A Chance To Win $10,000

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What would you do with $10,000? Toss it into the racing budget? Hoard tires for the year? Fill your front lawn with 944 parts cars? Here's your opportunity to find out: make a two-minute video to show Bell Helmets how you go racing, and you could win $10,000. For anything. (Even shady Craigslist 944s.)

This is part of Bell's "Through the Visor" promo, where other prizes including GoPros and helmets are up for grabs in addition to the $10,000 grand prize. All entrants get a Bell Racing t-shirt, too.


Since this is the first year that Bell is running the contest, I can't point you to examples of previous winners. They want to see what you see before, during and after a race. It's up to you to figure out how to tell that story in two minutes.

The video that "best captures the excitement, dedication and personal passion that keeps us all racing" will score ten thousand bucks that you can spend wherever you'd like.


Bell is currently accepting videos now through July 1, so fire up Premiere and/or clamp on a few extra cameras to the car for your next event. The full details of the promotion can be found here.

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Back in ‘07-‘08 I went shopping for a new bucket so I could go vintage racing with my dad.

I couldn’t find squat on the Internet for Bell helmets. Lots of bicycle stuff, no SA.

I figured they got out of the business...