Should Jaguar Build The C-X75 Concept?

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Jaguar is studying what it would take to put the C-X75 concept from the Paris Motor Show into production. Translating its 780-hp turbine/electric setup could take years, but Jaguar engineers promise no XJ220-like power switch. Should Jag take the leap?


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Hey Jaguar - I know it would be spitting on your long and distinguished history, but perhaps you could devote some resources to developing slightly more reliable cars? From what I've heard, all of the electric gizmos on the XF and XJ barely manage to keep functioning on the dealer lot (in fact, check the edmunds forums on the XF - half of the comments are people who have been stranded when the gear selector switch stops working) - I'm not sure spending all of your R&D on developing even MORE complicated systems is the best way to go here (cough, talking to you too Chysler...)