Today's Question comes from UDman and we'll admit we're a wee bit torn. Obviously a Bavarian minivan is a sick perversion, but have you ever met an Italian SUV you didn't love? Oh, wait — you probably want to read the whole Question first. Here you go:

Today there has been harsh criticism if Ferrari builds an SUV. I think it makes perfect economic sense, others disagree. My question is this: Is it OK for any carmaker to venture outside of its area of expertise? Should Ferrari build a Sedan, or an SUV?

Should Lotus build a 4 place Coupe or Sedan? Should Jaguar (minus Land Rover) build another SUV? Should Land Rover build a Sports Car? Would you rather die than see a BMW Minivan? Or how about a Porsche Pickup?

Man, so many conflicting emotions — what to do? We've always loved the Porsche Cayenne Turbo as it is an unreal piece of machinery. But, the lesser Cayennes are total wieners. That doesn't help, does it? I think our biggest problem is that "V12 SUV" conjures up so many good memories that sense and reason both jump right out our ear at the mere thought. You?