Shots of Redesigned Nissan Murano Leaked

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It looks less like a run-of-the mill turnip and more like a root vegetable as envisioned by the propmaster of Blade Runner. It's the new Nissan Murano ahead of its debut at next week's LA Auto Show, via a leak of shots to several forums. The difference comes mainly by way of bulging fender flares. Expect a hotted up version with a new, 15-cylinder engine and a double shot of nitrous producing 3,345 horsepower and enough torque to pull the ear off Mt. Rushmore's Thomas Jefferson and send it to his jilted lover, Mt. McKinley, via parcel post. We'll see it in LA. [ via Autoblog]

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This is one vehicle that Nissan didn't even need to touch. It's still selling well in it's original form, and this re-design, UGH!