Why drag a car behind your bus-conversion RV when you can stow it inside? Sure, we've seen that concept before, but the Shorty Mini out-awesomes the Volkner by several orders of magnitude.

And it's for sale! The asking price for the GMC-bus-based RV plus the Shorty Mini is $55,000, but the seller says "if the new owner elects to let this Mini go separately to a new home, it will likely have a $7,500 asking price." The power-to-weight ratio most likely needs some improving, which the new buyer should be able to accomplish with readily-available Mini hop-up parts, and a coat of British Racing Green might be just the thing to enrage the British Leyland purists. We heard about this fine automobile from BustedKnuckles, who's ready to plunk down the 55 grand right now:

I'm gonna buy this rig. My plan is to follow Brinks bank trucks around until the inevitable bags of money fall out of them then fly out to Virginia in my cold war era Russian fighter. Fool proof plan.