Shore to Ship: The Amfibidiver Amphibious Submarine

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We'd imagine that the worst thing about being a deep sea diver, aside from the whole brain bubbles issue, would be finding a boat crew willing to take our tank-breathing asses from dry land all the way out to the deep. Why wait for a bus when you can invent a car, was what one Belgian dive enthusiast and inventor must have been thinking when he created the Amfibidiver, a personal amphibious, submersible watercraft. The boat can drive itself off its trailer, down the road, into the sea, out to a dive spot and down under the water, to cruise or act as a base station for divers, then up and back to shore as needed. The only thing it can't do is talk a bunch of crap about how peaceful, life-affirming and soul-enriching being down there is. Only humans can do that.

The Amfibidiver: an amphibious submarine [Gizmag]

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