Shopping For An 8.2 Liter Engine?

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There was a time, maybe a decade ago, when Cadillac Eldorados with high-compression 500-cubic-inch engines were plentiful in self-service junkyards. These days, months can go by between sightings of non-Malaise 500s. As I learned when I helped a friend pull a 500 one sweltering, bloody-knuckled day, the Eldo's front-wheel-drive setup makes engine removal approximately 50 times harder than your typical Detroit rear-driver, but so what? Five hundred cubic inches! Power was a little down in '71, but this car's engine was still rated at 365 horses... and an 18-wheeler-esque 535 foot-pounds of torque.


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Raphael Orlove

Those pictures conjure up a nostalgia so sweet I can hardly explain it all. Hot Northern California sun and 500 cubic inches of Eldorado. I'd better rush home before track practice starts.