Shoppers In Sandy's Path Leave Behind Cheese, Pretzels, And Sparkling Water

I just got back from my local grocery store. Long story short, if you didn't get supplies for the hurricane yet, you're pretty much too late.

Unless you wanted to be classy and drink Perrier.


What surprised me was what was sold out at the grocery store. It seems to be one of those cases of "grab everything you see whether you need it or not."

They don't have potato chips, but they have pretzels. They don't have deli meats, but they have cheeses. They don't have water, but they have sparkling water.

The store was in the process of shutting down as I was there, and they didn't know when they would reopen. With predicted power outages of seven to ten days, it could be a while.


As for weather conditions, I got a firsthand look on the walk back. The mist has changed to an intense rain and winds are picking up. Gusts are probably in the 40 MPH range now. I'm heading back out to the waterfront momentarily, and I'm betting the water level is a good bit higher than this morning, even though the tide is going back out.

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