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Really, who doesn't need a '55 Chev (the prettiest of the Tri-Fives, in our estimation) turned into a pickup? Only 4,500 bucks! Located in lovely San Diego, California. This, friends, would be a perfect vehicle for puttering around Pedro in. And since it's already been hacked up, we wouldn't feel guilty about swapping the 265 for a beefy 383 stroker motor. Yes, this is a car we could live with. And play Jawbreaker very loudly in. This would murder the four-door '56 owned by that rich kid with the bad tats who played sax in a shitty ska-punk band and served us coffee. Murder it, we tell you.

1955 Chevy Rat Rod El Camino Wagon Air Ride Hydros Chopped Custom Car - $4500 [Craigslist]

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