Shitstorm Of Drama Engulfs Two Popular YouTube Channels Over Busted RX-7

Photo: Vehicle Virgins/YouTube (screengrab)

Rob Dahm—the popular YouTuber who built the absolute-bonkers, first ever four-rotor, all-wheel drive Mazda RX-7—let other popular YouTuber Vehicle Virgins drive his other RX-7 (a three rotor). Sadly, during that drive, the hood was damaged, and now there’s a shitstorm happening on YouTube and Twitter.

You should only continue reading if absurdly dumb, petty drama is your thing. Still here? That’s what I thought.


First off, watch this video of Rob Dahm explaining how Parker from Vehicle Virgins damaged Rob’s three-rotor RX-7's hood, and then later talked shit about him to his friends after Rob was invited to a Michelin event and he wasn’t:

In the video, Rob says Parker slammed the hood, and jammed the latch instead of closing it. When Parker got up to speed, Rob says, the hood lifted and banged against the windshield, causing significant damage.

Rob says he wasn’t initially upset, and appreciated that Parker offered to buy a new hood as compensation. Rob ignored the hood issue for a while, and focused on putting together his legendary four-rotor RX-7. “I really never planned to take him up on that [offer to buy a new hood],” Rob says in the clip.

But then, Rob says he got a message from mutual friend that included screenshots from Parker, which read:

Low key super jealous, somehow rob Dahm and doctam3 who barely do YouTube got invited to thermal racetrack to drive a bunch of supercars on michelins new PS4 tire... lol I get more views per hour [than] rob does per day.


Let’s forget about the fact that whoever sent that message to Rob clearly doesn’t understand what “low key” means, and just call this message out as some seriously petty shit. But it gets worse, as Parker then allegedly messaged him, asking “Why did you get to go to this event and I didn’t?”

Rob, displeased with Parker’s pettiness, then asks for reimbursement for the broken hood, and Parker responds, saying: “That happened 18 months ago... why didn’t you reach out in the mean time? Plus we both agreed the safety latch was faulty.”


Rob, seeing this as the beginning of an argument, ultimately concludes with “No big deal. Forget about it,” and then makes the YouTube video above—a video that includes clips like the one below very clearly aimed at mocking Parker:

Photo: Rob Dahm/YouTube (screengrab)

Rob’s Side Of The Story

Rob told me this whole debacle is “not really about the hood,” but more so about the way Parker talked about Rob behind his back, and the “entitled attitude” of someone who thinks he should go to events and Rob shouldn’t. Rob also mentioned a message Parker sent showing Vehicle Virgins’s subscriber count going down. “I’m losing subscribers—that doesn’t sound like an apology,” Dahm said. He went on, saying:

I think this might be an awakening saying ‘hey, you can’t treat people like this.’


Rob continues, telling me:

I have a broken hood and people talking shit about me... I want to make it clear that [he’s] no longer affiliated with me. I was defending the wrong person [in previous videos].


So basically, it seems that based on my talk with Rob, he made that YouTube clip above because he was disappointed with how Parker talked behind his back, and wanted to absolve all ties with him. Also, he admitted, ‘The video was made to get money back for the hood.”

The good news is that Rob says he’s willing to work with Parker to put this behind them:

I’m certainly willing to [come to an agreement]...I”ll gladly make another video if i feel like he’s done right by me. I’ve nothing to gain going after him.


Parker’s Side Of The Story

Oh yes, the drama doesn’t end there!

I called up Parker, who said this whole debacle started on November 21, when he test drove the RX-7. An hour into the test, the hood flew up and damaged itself on the windshield (Parker says Rob “...made up the fact that I slammed the hood.”).


Parker then “frantically” called up Rob, who he said was “surprisingly calm” about the whole thing, and even told Parker to finish the review with the broken hood. Rob’s calm attitude is confirmed in the comment section of the resulting review (shown above):


Parker then says he offered to buy Rob a new hood, but hadn’t heard from Rob for 18 months. That’s when Rob messaged Parker after reading Parker’s messages badmouthing Rob about the Michelin event (Parker admits to writing these messages, and says “it was immature and not cool of me to say that”) asking about the hood, and Parker responded by inquiring why Rob decided to wait 18 months before bringing up the whole hood debacle. Rob responded “never mind we are all good.”

Parker told me:

The main point is that I offered to pay for the hood, he waited 18 months to contact me. I asked why he waited so long and he responded with never mind we are all good...and then makes a video attacking me


Despite some disagreement on whether the hood latch was faulty or if Parker had slammed the hood too hard, Parker says he’s still willing to pay for a new hood, but he’s disappointed that Rob attacked his character on YouTube just because he asked Rob why it took so long to ask for a new hood.

Parker told me over Facebook:

I think this is an attempt for him to kind of boost his channel by attacking me by trying to look like the good guy...The whole video just attacks my character, which is just really messed up...[Dahm says] ‘I have more morals than to do clickbait videos,’ but then he goes and posts a video just attacking me.


That video has clearly made its way around; just look at the top comments on Parker’s latest video:


It’s worth mentioning that Parker is no stranger to controversy, as just a few weeks ago, his former coworker Eddie posted a video berating Parker for allegedly firing him for selfish reasons. Parker maintains in his response that he simply didn’t think the channel’s finances would allow for two full-time staffers, so he asked Eddie to hold onto his day job.

So basically, the conclusion here is: A dude may have broken another dude’s hood. The other dude didn’t care that much until he heard that dude no. 1 was shit-talking him, and didn’t properly apologize for doing so. That’s when he asked the “entitled” dude no. 1 to pay for the hood, at which point the first dude asked why it took so long to mention the hood. Dude no. 2 saw that as the beginning of an argument, and put up a YouTube video basically calling out dude no. 1 for talking shit. Now dude no. 1 is sad that his character is being attacked publicly, when he’s willing to pay for the new hood. Even though none of this is really about the hood.


YouTube, man. Not even once.

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