Shitfaced, Johnny! Bad Student Car Ad Thing

While on the prowl for more vintage AMC goodness, we ran across this student project for Mr. Frisbee's Video Editing Basics class at the Art Institute of Dallas. We'll let the auteur — one "Noodlez" — explain his work here:

"This is a funny car commercial I did in Video Editing Basics. The car I think is a 1977 AMC Pacer, and it's just a commercial about selling a car and what the car is about. I used a beat by Young Dai and it's a commercial with a beat, haha, enjoy....."


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That was his final? I could have done that on a Mac in about 3 minutes.

I actually prefer this vid, that I saw quite a few years ago. Guy made a video about his '88 Aries K. Now *this* is a final...