Emirates Flight Diverted After Every Single Toilet Stopped Working

Emirates is known for being one of the world's most luxurious airlines. But on Monday, the airline had to divert a flight between San Francisco and Dubai, due to a problem that just stunk.


Emirates flight 226 had to be diverted to Edmonton, Canada only 3.5 hours into the flight after all toilets on the aircraft stopped functioning. The route is served using a Boeing 777-3ER, and the exact aircraft was registered A6-EGH. SeatGuru says Emirates 777-3ERs have 12 to 13 lavatories on board, depending on configuration.

An Emirates spokesperson told Arabian Business that the passengers were kept on board while the plane was repaired, saying "The comfort and safety of our passengers and crew are of the utmost importance to Emirates and will not be compromised." The flight was delayed a total of four hours before continuing on to Dubai.

Shit happens... even on Emirates.

Top photo: Emirates 777-3ER by Raihan S. R. Bakhsh on Flickr, with CC Commercial License

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