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Sheikhs Heart Driving Fast: Bahrain Buys 30% of McLaren F1 Group

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If you produce the oil that powers the engines, why not own the whole damn car? Or at least a good slice of it? Turns out, the Kingdom of Bahrain's purchase is not unprecedented as Abu Dhabi owns 5% of Ferrari and 15% of Spyker. What does this mean for lay pistonheads like us? Just that F1 will continue to be cash-flush and innovate like mad until Ferrari's manettino gets a sixth-setting in the eventual F430 replacement. Even still, we'd love to own part of an F1 team. Mel Brooks was right; it's good to be king.


Bahrain buys into McLaren [F1 News]

Windows 2.4-Liter: McLaren and Microsoft Officially Team up on ECU for F1 [Internal]


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I much prefered it when Michael Badnarik said it was good to be king.