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Sorry. But it's Detroit and all, and we couldn't just leave it without at least one Stooges reference. In fact, while we were hanging out with our good friend Becki at Small's in Hamtramck (highly recommended both Becki and Small's) "Search and Destroy" came up on the jukebox, and for the first time during those crazy few days, everything just seemed to make sense. While we were quaffing decontented ale, a who's who of global auto designers were busy picking out significant designs of the show.

Hosted by the Detroit Institute of Opthamology, the EyesOn Design awards were headed by former Chrysler design honcho Tom Gale, attended to by Michael Graves (of Target fame) and Willie G. Davidson (known for puttin' the Davidson back in Harley-Davidson). The jury consisted of roughly a billion of the top names in auto design (including divisive figures such as Mays and Bangle), and the awards went to the Camaro concept (Concept Implementation), the Kabura (Aesthetics and Innovation) and the FXX (Functionality). Ironically, we think all three of these vehicles to be rather ugly, although they're all varying degrees of badass.


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