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Shark And Minnow In Port Angeles

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I couldn't resist sending these camera phone pix of a couple contrasting gems, despite the crush of work the summer brought to my doorstep: I was helping the housekeeping crew catch up on a busy day at the hotel I run and as I was lugging a barrel of trash down the fire escape, I noticed a 1960's MG Midget that is a familiar sight behind my hotel, in a parking lot that serves the most popular greasy spoon in town. But today it looked even tinier than usual, for some reason. Maybe it's that late 70's Lincoln Mk IV that adds that additional-shrinkage perspective. That great white shark and little grey minnow were landed in Port Angeles, WA, which is a pretty good base for fishing of all kinds. Steelheads in the Sol Duc and Elwha rivers, the elusive monster Beardsleys of Lake Crescent, Kings, Cohos and Chinooks running the Strait of Juan de Fuca, bays full of delicious Dungeness crab, and of course, Lincolns and Midgets in the parking lot of the local greasy spoon.