Shadow CanAm Car Catches Fire At Infineon

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Last weekend's 2009 Classic Sports Racing Group Charity Challenge saw more than hot vintage racers mixing it up at Infineon Raceway. One of the Shadow CanAm team cars caught fire, making for the seriously dramatic imagery below.

The CSRG charity challenge takes place every year and benefits various children's charities, but this year it definitely didn't benefit this car. Seems things got a little too hot during the action and the car burst into flames. Fortunately the driver was uninjured and emergency crews were able to put the fire out before the car was completely destroyed. Still, hate to see such awesome vintage racers go all en fuego. Making the fire even more dramatic was the fact that this was the exact car featured on this years tickets.

(Thanks to Cory O'Brien for the tip and great pictures)

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I'm guessing he just hit 88 mph.