Sexy Mercedes-Benz CLA May Get A Sexy Shooting Brake Version

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I have an inappropriate crush on the Mercedes-Benz CLA. I shouldn't like it. It's FWD (with available AWD, of course) and it only comes with an autobox. But it just looks so good inside and out that I can't help myself. Now, word on the street is there's a wagon version on the horizon, causing my lust to grow deeper.

The folks at Britain's Whatcar report that Mercedes design chief Gordon Wagener said the company is planning an estate (or "wagon" to us Yanks) version of the CLA on the horizon, which could be similar to the svelte CLS Shooting Brake.


If you're curious what a CLA Shooting Brake would look like, check out the sweet "render" I cooked up above. Pretty sexy, right?

Americans don't get the CLS Shooting Brake, unfortunately. But since the CLA (and the related A-Class and GLA SUV) are such hugely important products for Mercedes from a sales standpoint, maybe there's a chance we will.

As I said earlier, I love the CLA. I was hugely impressed after sitting in it at the New York Auto Show, especially considering it's priced just below $30,000. Can we hope for a CLA AMG wagon as well? That will give me something to save up for.


Hat tip to Carscoops!

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Victorious Secret

Doesn't matter, have RWD 1 series.

Yes, I realize the redesign on the 1 isn't to everyones liking but if I'm blowing that kind of money on a small luxury car its either going to Audi who knows how to do FWD to AWD or I'm going to BMW for that.

I'm not going to Mercedes for a car that looks like someone gang banged a Hyundai Genesis with a C class.