Sexy Maserati Alfieri Coupe And 'Vert Confirmed With Sexy V6 Power

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It turns out the lovely Maserati Alfieri is not the next GranTurismo after all, but a smaller coupe that will get V6 power. A convertible is coming too!

Maserati confirmed the Alfieri will enter production in both roofed and un-roofed forms at the Fiat Chrysler presentation today. The car is due out in 2015 or 2016 and will be powered by a range of V6 engines ranging from 410 to 520 horsepower.


Damn, 520 horses? That's a lot for a V6. It looks like Maserati wants to save that V8 goodness for their bigger coupes and sedans. Regardless of engine choice, I'm glad to hear the Alfieri got the green light, and it certainly sounds like it will have plenty of power.