Settle the whose Jeep is better debate with banjos and hoonage

When Jeep introduced the new longer wheelbase CJ-7 as a compliment to their CJ-5 model they opened the door for spirited musical debates between CJ enthusiasts like the ones seen here. Whether you thought your CJ-5 was the toughest rig around or your CJ-7 could take a smaller Jeep anytime, it was clear there was only one way to resolve the matter—high flying off road hoonage.

If you believe this vintage commercial there was some wild stuff going on in "Jeep Country" around 1976. Banjo challenges were commonplace, new CJ-5s and Cj-7s were soaring through the air and there was little concern from Jeep about depicting their products being used in an unsafe and awesome manner. Even if footage of the high flying CJs would be frowned upon these days, it certainly made Jeep's claim of "making four wheeling nothing but pure fun" very easy to believe.

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Rusty Van Horn

I debated this long and hard. There was hours of debation of if I liked one over the other. Hours of endless debation. I'd try to fall asleep at night, but I just couldn't do it because I felt I needed to debate it further.

Sometimes I would sneak off to the barn to debate, or woods. In the middle of class one time I was so confounded I had to up and run to the bathroom to debate. It was an urge. I couldn't escape it.

I'm older and married now, and although the era of the CJ5/CJ7 has long since passed, I do look back upon those days....with wonder.