Serious Race Track Takes Serious Toll On This New Yorker

We were pretty excited to see this early-90s Chrysler New Yorker in a LeMons race; talk about pure class on the race track! Sadly, it couldn't quite stay on its wheels.


As LeMons Chief Perpetrator Lamm stated during the drivers' meeting yesterday morning, "Nelson Ledges is a serious race track, very fast." That wasn't just empty scare talk; many racers claim that braking is only required at two points on the 2-mile course. We've had to be extra harsh in the Penalty Box in order to keep these leadfooted hoons under some semblance of control, and the LeMons Supreme Court appears to have made some lasting enemies among the Ohio racing community.

So, this New Yorker pilot ended up coming into a turn a bit too hot, digging a rear wheel into the mud, and sliding on the car's side for quite an unnerving distance. The car didn't go all the way over onto the roof, however, so the "Why Am I On My Roof?" punishment wasn't necessary; after a safety inspection, the team was allowed to continue racing.


Meanwhile, the Snoopy's Quest For The Holy Nickelbag Chevy Vanamino has a new crankshaft and is all buttoned up and ready to hit the race track. 12 hours late, sure, but it's out there now!

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