Would any self-respecting serial killer ply his trade in a "Super Banana Yellow" Dodge Tradesman? In this case, definitely.


The trend these days is to refer to windowless cargo vans as "molester vans," but everyone knows that real molesters drive Toyota Echos, not vans. Check out the hasp-and-padlock door locks on this van; there's no need to worry about scaring off potential victims with such hardware, because they'll already be securely duct-taped and headed for shallow graves in the desert or forest by the time they even see the Tradesman. Plenty of room inside for shovels, extra tape, surgical tools, etc.

So, what we've got here is an extremely scary vehicle, and we should all breathe a little easier knowing that it's going to be crushed and melted down pretty soon. Is it as scary as the Kidnapper Van? The Super Banana Yellow paint makes that a tough call.


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