Separated at Birth: Lotus Elise and Tesla EV Roadster

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The supra geniuses over at Sili Valley's Tesla motors have been unquick to admit their hot new EV is really a Lotus Elise in drag — or reduced drag, as the case may be. It's not that we're deriding their choice of underpinnings for the electric supercar; the Elise is perfect: light, well balanced and built by a company that's not adverse to doing for others if the price is right. But c'mon, judge from the images above. The Tesla — at least in prototype form — is so Elise on the inside it hurts, from the dash binnacle to the air vents to the steering wheel — right down to the parking brake handle. Sure, the cars have their differences — allowances made for the differing drivetrains and the like, but they're undeniably dopplegangeresque. Oh wait, the Tesla comes with floormats!?


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Not really news is it..? They're not really being 'unquick' (is that even a word) about their relationship to Lotus. This is from their FAQ

What is your relationship with Lotus?

Lotus Cars is assembling the Tesla Roadster under contract to Tesla Motors. Tesla Motors has also hired Lotus Engineering for certain design and engineering tasks. The Tesla Roadster style was developed in Lotus Engineering's design studio - Lotus Engineering won a design contest where several design firms submitted proposals. Lotus Engineering supplied the initial chassis which was significantly modified by Tesla Motors engineers.

Why did you choose Lotus as a manufacturing partner?

Lotus is the acknowledged leader worldwide for efficient assembly of sports cars at modest volumes.