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Send Google Maps, MapQuest Directions Directly To Your Garmin

Illustration for article titled Send Google Maps, MapQuest Directions Directly To Your Garmin

OnStar isn't the only company to work with mapping software companies. Garmin recently announced the ability to directly send maps and directions to a Garmin GPS navigation system. Rather than taking the painstaking process of looking up an address, writing it down and inputting it into your Garmin GPS navigation unit, you can just plug your Garmin into the computer and use a simple command now integrated into Google Maps and soon to be integrated in MapQuest on April 15 to shoot the directions directly to the Garmin GPS unit.


Of course, the Dash Express already has this feature beat by allowing the instructions to be sent wirelessly, but this is a nice lazy-man feature added by Garmin. [Gizmodo]


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Ash78, voting early and often

I wonder if I can send it to my 2001-era Garmin etrex Vista, in case I ever want to go geocaching on an interstate highway. Let me go find my serial cable and give it a shot.