Sen. Schumer Calling For Investigation Into Auto Warranty Phone Scam

Apparently Americans are being harassed by automated calls saying their auto warranty is about to expire, attempting to sell a worthless extended one. Since there's nothing else to do, NY-Senator Chuck Schumer wants to investigate.

The calls come regardless of the person being on the "Do Not Call" list, or whether they actually have a warranty about to expire, or even if they don't have a car. It's an annoying practice made only more annoying in that the few who fall for the pitch often get an extended warranty not worth the paper it's printed on. It's even more annoying since New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer got one of the calls last week, and now he wants an investigation on who's behind it and how they're getting around the do-not-call rules.

"This is an annoying scam whose perpetrators have found a way around the do-not-call list, the FTC has to track them down and then shut them down to put an end to this nuisance once and for all."


The chief suspect at the moment is USFidelis, which denies any involvement, claiming other operators are using their name for the nefariousness. Next on the list is that Nigerian prince who's been emailing Chuck about some money he needs help transferring. [ABCNews]

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