Sen. Larry Craig: Foreigners Shouldn't "Jerk Us Around By The Gas Nozzle"

Senator Larry Craig (R-Bathroom Fondling) was the member with the balls to grandstand in front of the open Senate in pursuit of relaxing the congressional ban on offshore drilling ban on some coastal areas. From every other distinguished member of the Senate, this wouldn't be funny. But then again, not every other member of the Senate have been busted trying to allegedly fool around in the men's room. [CrooksandLiars]

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A lot of the problems with oil (and healthcare for that matter) revolve around the profit motive. And as long as people can get/stay rich by jerking us around, there isn't much motivation to fix the problems. There is profit to be made by prolonging the problems though and that's where we are at now.

The old guard doesn't want to lose their death grip on the money train and as long as people defend them, and more importantly - buy into the propaganda, they won't have to.

I got no love for either party but the only changes I've seen from those currently in power have been negative and I'm sure not buying into anything they say now. I'm going on GP here and saying if it's coming from them - it's complete and utter bullshit. Because that is the expectation they have set.

Drilling is a pacifier because people want something done even if it's not effective. They have handed them no bid contracts and tax breaks and all these other taxpayer subsidies and it's done nothing for us. They sell us out to the highest bidder then turn around and call the other party "tax and spend".

Biggest fucking deficit, both trade and actual, of all time and they still have the nerve to point fingers and call names. Better clean up your own house first.

But that's just my opinion.