Semi truck crashes into bridge on Detroit’s west side

You may remember Pamplin from his classy presenting of a moron car thief in Southfield, or his unrelenting glee as car after car was chewed apart on one of metro Detroit’s worst maintained roads right in front of his cameras.

Drivers stranded from Mound Road potholes in Warren

The truck driver told Pamplin that he was from out of town and thought his load would fit. Seems like the sort of thing a professional truck drive would consider. It took a 10-ton wrecker, some disassembly and a good tug to get the crane out from under the bridge. Clean up crews worked late into the night to clean up the hazardous leak.


This bridge did quite a bit of damage, but it has nothing on our favorite low-ass bridge in North Carolina, the bridge. Even after the bridge was raised, folks kept smashing into it, tearing the tops off over one hundred box trucks. The website is no longer live, it will live forever in our hearts and on Jalopnik.