Semi Crash Spills Syrup All Over Buttermilk Pike

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In what has to be the most delicious and poetic accident we've ever heard of, a truck carry thousands of gallons of Hungry Jack pancake syrup crashed last night along a part of Interstate 75 in Kentucky known as Buttermilk Pike, spilling its sticky and sugary load all over the appropriately named road.


No one was seriously injured in the crash, but it took road crews hours of labor to fork the syrup off of Buttermilk and into the mouth of a waiting dump truck. Traffic in the area was said to be as slow as molasses.

The accident occurred at approximately 7:45 PM along I-71/I75 when a Semi full of thousands of gallons of Hungry Jack maple-flavored syrup in bottles came into contact with two cars. Video from the scene shows the truck split in half with boxes of maple syrup everywhere.


Hundreds of syrup containers ripped open on the Interstate, making cleanup a huge challenge. Crews had to mix sand with the syrup and then shovel it into trucks. Only one person, the driver, was taken to a hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

Also, everyone in the area suffered from a sudden urge to eat pancakes.

(Hat tip to SnapUndersteer!)

Illustration for article titled Semi Crash Spills Syrup All Over Buttermilk Pike

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Just wear your damn mask...

I hope you realize the series of events you've set into motion by referring to Hungary Jack Pancake Syrup as "maple syrup".

First of all, you'd better apologize to Canada, but quick. They have an incredible chip on their shoulders after centuries of being known as our hat and the slightest thing is going to make them collectively snap. Expect most of New England, deeply offended by the concept that "pancake syrup" can be mistaken for "maple syrup", to secede from the Union and join our Canadian brothers in the struggle over the Corn Syrup Cabal. What remains of the former United States will establish its new capital in Des Moines, center of the Corn World and will slowly die off from the effects of morbid morbesity.

Meanwhile in Greater White North, corn will be banned and while the elders will tell of a time when corn was served at picnics from the cob, we will accept poutine as our national dish and a 55 yard line on our football fields.

So yes, I hope you're proud of yourselves...