SEMA Show: Hyundai's Bitchin' Rides

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Hyundai's continuing its tradition of spending beaucoup bucks shoring up its standing among the import tuner crowd here at SEMA. The company rolled out several tuner show cars based on its Azera (pictured), Tiburon, Entourage, Santa Fe, Elantra, and Sonata models. K Daddyz Kustomz turned the Azera into a drop-bodied urban roller with suicide doors, Accent into a reverse-doored street cruiser and Entourage into a soccer-mom-as-pimp wagon. Helmet painter Troy Lee mimicked his signature paint schemes on a Santa Fe (with scissor doors, natch), Street Customs made the Tiburon and Sonata into typical audio-centric streeters, and David Martin and BP Racing rendered the new Elantra as a race-ready clubsport toy. No word on the cred boost Hyundai received, but one onlooker was overheard describing the cars as "bitchin'." For what that's worth. [Gallery]

Hyundai Introduces 2007 Accent SE at SEMA [internal]


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