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SEMA 2007: Dodge Caliber "Stormtrooper Jr"

This image was lost some time after publication.
This image was lost some time after publication.

If the Mopar-built Dodge Avenger concept we showed you earlier is named "Stormtrooper," then this here DUB edition Dodge Caliber is most assuredly "Stormtrooper Jr." Or, "Mini Stormtrooper" if you will. We've got no other information on it to give you, but we found it so gleamingly bright and white we thought we'd better snap some shots of this over-DUB-bed Caliber that's anything but cute.


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What next? Dodge Ram Wookie Edition and the Dodge Dakota can be the Ewok? Or if we go the German route....Dodge Ram Panzer Edition with a Dodge Viper Blitzkrieg Edition? I'd rather stick with what Startech has done to these vehicles (besides the Startech Avenger) for aftermarket mods.